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Vendor Guidelines

2024 Christmas at the Farm Vendor Guidelines

By submitting an application, all vendors and food trucks are agreeing to the outlined rules and regulations below, as well as to comply by all updates made to these conditions by Evergreen Traditions.


     1.  Fees are $40/day for outdoor table vendors, $60/day for indoor table vendors, and $50/day for food trucks. Vendor

         payment is due within 48 hours of acceptance. Failure to pay by this date will result in a forfeited spot. Vendor fees are

         nonrefundable. Cancellations made will not be refunded.

    2. Vendors are solely responsible to obtain insurance coverage for all property brought to the Christmas At The Farm event.

        Evergreen Traditions and Arran Farm are void of any responsibility for any damage to or theft of property belonging to 

        vendors, regardless of the cause. Any damages caused by the vendor or their property to Arran Farms, to Evergreen

        Traditions property, or to any persons on the property is the responsibility of the vendor to pay for based on a fair value

        assessed by Evergreen Traditions.

                    **Food trucks are required to submit a copy of their insurance with Evergreen Traditions listed as additionally

                                                                           insured for their scheduled date**

    3. Vendor agrees to set up one hour before the event: between 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM on the day they are scheduled to vend.

        Times are subject to change. Special arrangements can be made if more time is needed for set up.

    4. Vendor agrees to arrive on time and stay for the duration of the event (10:00 AM - 3:00 PM).

    5. Vendor agrees to tear down between 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM, unless they are scheduled to vend the following day/weekend.

        Times are subject to change.

    6. Vendors are responsible for cleaning their space and removal of trash. The space should be left as it was originally found.

    7. No nails, tacks, or any hanging devices are to be used on any barn walls or doors. This venue is used weekly, and the wood

        must be preserved.

    8. Table vendors are responsible to provide their own table and chair(s) for display of their products. We will be providing

        tables and chairs outdoors near our food trucks for customers to sit and enjoy their food. Unfortunately, we do not have

        extra beyond this.

               *Indoor (inside the barn) and outdoor (covered porch) areas are BOTH covered, tents are not needed for either*

    9. Evergreen Traditions reserves the right to refuse any application for any reason. There is limited space and applications are


    10. Vendor agrees to park their vehicle in the location designated by Evergreen Traditions during the time of the event, as will

         be instructed when the vendor arrives.

    11. Space and location for vendors within the barn and for food trucks outside the barn are determined solely at the discretion

         of Evergreen Traditions. Vendor agrees to keep their set up in their originally outlined space and will not share or sublet

         their space.

    12. Vendors agree to comply with all local and federal law, beyond what is outlined in this agreement.

    13. In the event of rain/snow or any inclement weather, hours may be altered, or days may be cancelled. If a full day is

         canceled, refunds will be issued for that day. No refunds will be issued for altered hours or partial cancellation.


If there are any issues or questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

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