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About Us


When people ask me why I got into the Christmas tree business, I often respond with "tough to pass up a chance to be in the holiday spirit year around." Ever since I was a kid I have loved everything Christmas, and to this day, it is no different. The cool weather, the smell of fresh Christmas trees, and the steaming hot chocolate never seem to get old. But in all honesty, what got me into this business  was more than just the spirit of Christmas, but a desire to recreate the traditions that come with it.

While growing up in Central Florida, my family always made it a point to buy a real Christmas tree. Real versus fake just seemed to be a no brainer, and having the perfect tree was always a priority. Despite the fun we had over the years, I still felt as if there could be more. You see, we always bought from "big box" stores and I quickly found that picking out a Christmas tree in this way was purely transactional-- grab a tree, pay, and leave. In fact, the more I looked around the more I realized how quick the whole process was and how often people came alone. I felt that the tradition of picking out a Christmas tree as a family had faded, and in this void, the idea of Evergreen Traditions was born. 

At Evergreen Traditions, we hope to provide a night out with your family that will give you reprieve from the traffic of a busy holiday season. We want you to look forward to all that Christmas at the Farm has to offer. From delicious hot chocolate to fun outdoor games, we hope you fully embrace the experience. In essence, we hope you leave with much more than just a tree in hand, but also with inspiration on how to give back to your community, with a night full of memories, and with a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.



Kevin Pahl

Family Owned and Operated


Kevin Pahl

Founder and Owner


Maggie Pahl

Chief Executive Officer


Kai Pahl

Executive Distraction


Rosalie Pahl

Distractor in Training


Tucker Pahl

Distractor in Training


The Next Generation

Creating Lasting Traditions One Family At A Time

We believe that family is more than just who you're related to, it's the core of your traditions and values. Our family is a circle of strength, founded on faith, joined in love, and kept by God. We hope our event creates a space for families to spend quality time together, much like the time we enjoy with ours. 

We are so thankful for the support of our extended family, whose familiar faces you may recognize around our lot. 


What Matters To Us


We want our trees to be the fullest, freshest, and healthiest trees possible. That's why we were critical when picking a farm and only order "Grade 1" trees.


It's important to us that you enjoy your time when you're with us. We put significant effort into our "experience", and hope it results in lasting family memories.


Our community matters, and we want to give of our resources to reinvest in the Greenville area and to inspire others to do the same. Join our efforts below!


You can always expect smiling faces to greet you and be around to help out. We truly want to make your visit as perfect as possible, so let us know if there is anything at all we can do to help!

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